Montreal Shopping Malls

The following Montreal shopping centres are listed from west to east, each within walking distance from another and all are easily spotted on Ste. Catherine Street except for Les Cours Mont-Royal, which is one street north and Place Ville-Marie, just one street south of Montreal's preeminent shopping thoroughfare.

Westmount Square
A low-key yet somewhat ostentatious shopping locale better known for its food court, private clinics and Westmount spa than for its boutiques.
Place Alexis-Nihon
Place Alexis-Nihon is three floors of about 100 stores, characterized by mostly affordable clothing, accessory boutiques and specialty shops. Department stores include Canadian Tire, Zellers, Winners and Sports Experts.
Faubourg Ste. Catherine

Composed of a scarce few clothing stands and/or specialty shops along with superior food court food and small markets, the Faubourg Ste. Catherine is a place to go for food more than anything else. Shops include La Fine Gueule du Faubourg and Odessa Fish Market.
Upscale, high-priced items, buying a hat at Ogilvy's could easily cover your average Montrealer's monthly rent. From fur to jewelry to cosmetics, you'll find the likes of Hugo Boss, Anne Klein, Burberry, Jones New York and more.
Les Cours Mont-Royal
On the topic of rent, Les Cours Mont-Royal is kind of like Ogilvy's trendier baby sister, featuring a range of fashion boutiques from mid to upscale. You'll find brand names like Versace, Prada, Armani and Club Monaco.
Sandwiched in between Les Cours Mont-Royal and Place Montreal Trust, at least from underground, Simons is one of Montreal's hotter department stores, featuring apparel for every price range. Stick to the ground floor for deals and go upstairs for a higher end shopping experience.
Place Montreal Trust
Place Montreal Trust covers a wide range of budgets. Not much of a department store presence here unless you count Zara, this shopping centre's strength is its mix of affordable and mid-range boutiques like Mexx and Smart Set. Place Montreal Trust also houses one of Montreal's largest bookstores, Indigo.
Place Ville-Marie
Better known as the mall you walk through to get the central train station, Place Ville-Marie is more than just a rotating light beam housing offices, with 80+ affordable to mid-range boutiques such as Dynamite, Tristan and Reitman's.
Eaton Centre
The Eaton Centre is the quintessential shopping destination of downtown Montreal as the largest shopping mall in town, housing over 175 stores and food court stands as well as access to free wireless Internet. Notable flagships include The Gap, Old Navy, Le Chateau and Levi's.
Complexe Les Ailes de la Mode
The Complexe Les Ailes de la Mode has been around since 2002 and is a little more upscale than its underground neighbors the Eaton Centre and Promenades de la Cathedrale, with over 50 boutiques including the likes of Guess, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste.
Promenades de la Cathedrale
Yes, the Linen Chest is still there along with 60 boutiques and food court stands, including Limite, Aldo, Yves Rocher and more.
Complexe Desjardins
Right in front of Place-des-Arts, the Complexe Desjardins counts up to 110 stores and stands with a great food court and affordable boutiques like La Vie en Rose, Marie Claire, etc.