Montreal Strip Clubs

Strip Club


Bar Exxxotica

5169 avenue du Parc

Bar Oh Caresses

3802 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Bar Sexe Mania

2683 rue Ontario Est

Cabaret Chez Mado

10181 boulevard Pie-IX

Cabaret Les Amazones

6820 St Jacques

Cabaret Sex Appeal Inc

381 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Club Chez Parée

1258 rue Stanley

Club Super Contact

690A rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Club Super Sexe

696 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Club Wanda's

1310 boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest

Dice Club

6530 avenue Papineau

Kamasutra Club

3580 St Dominique

L'Axe Disco Sex

1755 rue Saint-Denis

Le Bar Salon Solid Gold Inc

boulevard Saint-Laurent

Le Chateau du Sexe

972 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Le Club Downtown

1196 rue Sainte-Catherine Oues

Le Gentleman's Choice

1200, St Catherine W

Salon Octopussy

1637, rue Sainte-Catherine Oue

Sexe D'Or

7507 boulevard Décarie

Studio Sexe

11859 rue Notre-Dame Est


In 2001, Montreal legalized contact strip dancing. Montreal, renowned for its beautiful women, offers something very unique to North America.

Montreal is home to many strip clubs, from very classy and elegant, to smaller local clubs.

There are many stripclubs in Montreal, finding the best one on a particular night can prove quite difficult.

Montreal strippers work for 10$ per contact lap dance. Unlike Amsterdam, Montreal does not have a red light district. The adult entertainers, gentleman's clubs, nightclubs, Montreal strip bars all co-exist in and around the downtown core of Montreal. With so many nude bars and beautiful Montreal girls all over the city, you'll soon understand why Montreal has the reputation that brought you here.

There are lots of strip bars and clubs to choose from in the city of Montreal. Read below our chronicle on strip club etiquette to get a feel for the scene here.

In case you have never been to a strip club, or if your experience is somewhat limited, here's a little rundown of the appropriate etiquette to be followed when visiting one of this city's reputable strip clubs.

Hopefully our advice will help you, our faithful readers, to avoid getting caught in a sticky situation!

First things first, get ready to pay a cover charge. While some can be as low as a couple of dollars, other establishments can charge upwards of five or ten bucks a pop depending on the quality of the dancers and the reputation of the club.

Secondly, always remember to tip the doorman no matter where he decides to seat you. While we'd all like to be as close to the action as possible, it's not always feasible for everyone to get front-row centre seats for the show.

Finally, be advised that ordering a drink is required whether you want one or not. Most drinks (non-alcoholic beverages included) go for upwards of five dollars, so make sure you have enough cash on-hand before you sit down to enjoy the show. Again, don't forget to tip the waitress after every round.

And remember guys, no matter how many beers you've had or how much you think the strippers have got a thing for you, any unsolicited groping of the dancers is liable to get you thrown out of the establishment, or worse, in jail.


While it's every guy's wildest dream to be going out with a busty stripper who really knows how to shake her booty so that every single one of her well-formed curves makes an appearance, dating a stripper offers its own set of relationship challenges that usually begins with an authoritative "No!". Just put yourself in their position: you're out there on stage every night of the week trying to make an honest living and every single gigolo in the club thinks he's got a chance to take you home with a slick, new pick-up line you've probably already heard a million times before. It's not exactly what you'd call the perfect setting for a romantic encounter! That being said, it is important to note that each strip joint in town and each individual exotic dancer have their own set of rules about dating the customers that have to do with personal safety and separating work from pleasure.


And while it may be every girl's romantic fantasy to go walking hand-in-hand with a hunky male stripper complete with strapping arms, hulking chest and large bulges in the most surprising places, the dating game takes on a whole new dimension when you're getting paid to have women ogle your naked body! Again, dating customers depends on individual club policy and the dancer's own discretion.