Casino de Montreal

Casino Montreal is located on an island in the St. Lawrence River, separated from the downtown and historic districts, and right in the heart of Expo I67as French pavilion. The casino now includes the adjacent former Quebec pavilion, making it one of the largest casinos north of the border.

The approach to Casino Montreal is one of the most dramatic in gaming. The soaring spires of the building give visitors just a hint of what to expect withina truly unique casino experience unmatched anywhere else in North America.

Emerging from the 3,000 space underground parking lot brings visitors to the base of the grand building. The grand spires reveal a majestic, multi-leveled, five-story palladium. Each level contains different games, staggered table minimums, and a variety of amenities.

More than 100 table games are scattered throughout the casino, with blackjack, baccarat, roulette and several specialty games available. At least 2,700 slot machines are offered, ranging from modern IGT devices to old machines that have been all but forgotten in todayas high-tech casino environment.

One of the unique games at Casino Montreal is the Sega Royal Ascot racing game. Anyone who has played the aDerbya game in American casinos will love Royal Ascot. Surrounding a 20-ft. oval are 23 betting positions that allow players to wager on the mechanical horse race. Although the game is little more than a glorified slot machine, the ambiance of the game, located high atop the casino, makes it feel like a close cousin to a race track.

Vincent Trudel, president of Societe des Casinos du Quebec Inc. (a subsidiary of Loto Quebec, which operates the provincially-owned casinos), says casino executives are continually evaluating the desires of the slot players.

"We are committed to offering the most modern machines here,a says Trudel. aWe try to accommodate all players and gaming budgets."

Those gaming budgets extend to the ultra-high roller, says Trudel. Although the Quebec casinos are prevented from offering casino credit, Trudel says high players havenat been dissuaded.

But New Yorker Jesse Bolton says Casino Montreal wasnat the main reason she visited the city.

"We love to come up here to soak up the atmosphere,a she says. aIt feels like weare in France. The casino has the same feeling, so we like to spend a few hours here."

While Casino Montreal does not have a hotel, the staff has access to more than 20,000 first-class hotel rooms in the Montreal area, including many hotels that are at least equal and often superior to any rooms available in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Comps are readily available for players, despite the lack of a hotel. The Nuances restaurant offers a wonderful gourmet menu. A buffet, a coffee shop and an Italian bistro complete the offerings at the casino. Better yet, Montreal is known for its many world-class restaurants, and reservations in non-casino restaurants are frequently made for big players.